Getting Started On Your Affiliate Marketing Journey

Have you wasted money of something you though would bring you financial freedom, only to find out you are just helping someone else with their financial freedom?  I have and that’s why I want to help others learn How to Affiliate Marketing Online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?  It is when an online merchant partners with an website owner to help sell their products by placing advertisements for products or services  on their site.  When a customer buys a product based on an ad from your website, you are paid a commission by the Merchant.  Amazon and Walmart are two examples of Affiliate Marketing Companies.

This form of marketing can be very profitable, but it requires work and some people just don’t know where to start.

When I was learning about affiliate marketing, I knew I had to have a website, but where to start.  I found an online company called Wealthy Affiliates  they offer free membership options,  expert advice, training, resources, and they have a community of affiliates that are willing to share their experiences. I became a member and am glad I did!

Wealthy Affiliates will show you how to build your website, teach you about using social media, creating customer databases through social media interaction, and much more.  In addition you get 2 free websites



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