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Work from Home:

When you work from home, you have no commuting time this can save you several hours per day.  No commuting also equates to reduced stress, which will benefit your overall health!! To be successful at whatever work at home business you choose, you have to be self-motivated and stay focused, I recommend creating a dedicated space in your home which will result in fewer interruptions.  Set your schedule with the primary work hours you plan to work each day (even if it 1 or 2 hours), and inform your family and friends that although you are home you are not available during set hours. You decide if you want to vary your schedule not those around you.

If you goggle work at home jobs you can quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of stuff on the web and how do you know if it is legit?  Some work at home jobs are very costly and may reap very low income if any.  Do your research!

One online business I believe can net a nice profit if you are willing to put in the work is Affiliate Marketing.  My first introduction to Affiliate Marketing was when I started searching for ways to make money online, I took a webinar and the person who owned the company showed how you could make money online for free using Affiliate Marketing, after 1 ½ hours he had peeked my interest but the closer was “if you are one of the first 25 to sign up with me today, you get the discounted rate of $1,000”.  If I had $1,000 I might have signed up, but I didn’t have $1,000 this is why I was searching online for ways to make money in the first place, because I was basically broke.  My husband and I had two mortgages, and #3 son was in his freshman year of college….need I say more.  We were paying the bills, but there was nothing extra left for travel or anything else.

Since the internet is a wealth of information, I decided I didn’t need to spend $1,000 to learn about Affiliate Marketing, I would just figure it out on my own.  I started searching for Affiliate Marketing Companies, and soon discovered that I needed a website before I could apply to be an affiliate with most of the reputable companies. Several years ago I tried to build a website and let’s just say it didn’t go so good, and I wasted a lot of money. So my first task was to see what I could find for free.  I tried several and quickly found out that I needed some help.  I had skipped over one affiliate marketing website that said it was SIMPLE, and that the process takes less than 30 seconds.  I decided to check them out.  This is how I found Wealthy Affiliates.  I encourage your to check them out, click here to read my review.

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  1. Wealthy affiliate is a great way to start and online business. The training is so awesome and filled with a ton of great information, Your post is well detailed and is and easy read.

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